Weekend trip to the narrow gauge railway Koszalin

For six years now, we have not had a trip to the Polish narrow-gauge railways on our program. In the meantime, there is a new destination, which seems worthwhile going to Poland again: on a section of the former Koszalin narrow gauge railways that has been made operational again we’re able to recreate an authentic-looking PKP narrow-gauge train hauled by a Px48. The railway leads to Rosnowo to an air base and has some nice positions to offer, especially in the southern section.

We have chosen the second weekend in October because the leafs of the trees should be colourful by then. Of course, we hope for cool and clear weather.

Dampf auf der Schmalspurbahn Koszalin






Arrival in Koszalin by 12 noon, our special train is scheduled to depart around 12.30 pm. We will travel chimney first to Rosnowo, take water there and then return to Koszalin. Sunset shots as well as night shots are planned.


We want to be back on the line around sunrise. Again we will drive to Rosnowo and return to Koszalin around 2 pm, leaving enough time for the return journey home.


Line description

The line leads from the historic railway facilities at the narrow-gauge station first through the suburbs of Koszalin. After crossing the main road, the line crosses meadows and fields. In Manowo there is still an interesting station building. Here, a bypass track can be used, which we will also take advantage of. Further south, the line then enters the forest, climbing steadily towards its current terminus. Our locomotive will go up the gradient chimney-first.

The railway facilities of the narrow-gauge railway in Koszalin are still photogenic despite some modern ingredients like graffiti.

We have planned two standard gauge wagons on transporter wagons and two narrow gauge wagons. This is more than the last standard gauge trains had for example in Gniezno.


Small Print

Poland is an easy EU-country to visit. The standard of accommodation and infrastructure has been steadily brought up to western standards in recent years, but so have prices, without yet reaching the level of its western neighbours.

At present, it is not foreseeable how the Corona situation or the situation in the war zone (Ukraine) will develop. If one or the other should speak against this trip, we might have to cancel it at short notice. But no deposits are required, we can pay directly on the spot - so the financial risk is close to zero.

There is only one locomotive in Koszalin. If, contrary to expectations, this should have a technical defect, the journey can unfortunately not be carried out. There is no replacement option. Technical problems can also occur during the journey, possibly leading to the trip being cancelled.

Despite all the uncertainties – which are rather to be estimated as minimal in Poland – we hope for two relaxed and beautiful days near the Polish Baltic coast.

Dampf auf der Schmalspurbahn Koszalin

The trip is designed for travel by private or hired car to Koszalin and join the group there. The rail connection to Koszalin is not really good for international travel. Accommodation is not booked for the group on this trip and has to be organised individually.

We will travel on the freight train (no car chasers please!). Please note that our trains do not have to comply with the latest EU safety regulations. We want to run an authentic train and not one with automatic door closing nonsense. Please always use common sense when using the railway. It is recommended to take out foreign accident insurance and the always important foreign health insurance. Neither FarRail Tours nor the local organiser is liable in any case of accidents of any kind, damages, losses, and disadvantages or extra costs caused from delays, etc.



Narrow Gauge Steam in Koszalin 16 to 30 participants £270
08.10.2022 – 09.10.2022 Single room surcharge £0
Registration Deadline: 31.07.2022

The price includes:

Not included are


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