Autumn Steam on the 2ft. gauge at Bad Muskau

Germany: 21. - 22.10.2006

99 3317

When the leaves turn golden and the days colder the forests around Bad Muskau and Weißwasser in Saxony come to life: with three steam specials and one works train we will roam the last remaining narrow gauge lines of the old Muskau forest railway network.


Date Tour plan
21.10. We will meet in the morning at Teichstraße station in the city of Weißwasser. At 09:00am our special freight train with two steam engines no's 99 3312 and 99 3317 (one as a banker) will set off. We will travel on a diesel-powered works train running in front of our special train to reach our photo positions. The trip runs to Mühlrose via the Halbendorfer Wechsel (switchback) where the train will reverse. We will have the line for the whole day to ourselves and we have plenty of photo stops planned. In the evening we will have time for some nice dusk and night shots. We will stay overnight at a hotel near the railway line.
22.10. We will set off for the railway early to be out on the line when the first rays of sunshine appear. We have booked an authentic freight train hauled by no. 99 3312 which will leave about 7.00am, bound first for Kromlau and then for Bad Muskau. Again we will travel in a works train (probably powered by a V10C) ahead of our special train. We will be back Weißwasser by 3.30pm, in plenty of time to catch a connecting train for the journey home.


map forestry railway Bad Muskau

Line description

The 2ft. gauge Bad Muskau forest railway was “officially” closed as a common carrier in 1978 but continued working as an industrial line serving the clay pit in Mühlrose. Many pieces of rolling stock were saved by a local club, which started to organize special trains on the rest of the lines of the forest railway in the mid-1980’s. After German reunification the club was able to put two of the original steam engines back to work - no. 99 3312, "Diana", built by Borsig in 1912 for the Bad Muskau railway and no. 99 3317, a Feldbahn engine built in 1918 for the German military authorities which has worked at Bad Muskau since the end of the second world war. With these two historic Bad Muskau engines and the surviving freight wagons it is still possible to run authentic trains. The landscape is more or less flat and - as the name implies - covered by woods and forests. Another very interesting feature is the narrow gauge bridge on the Muhlrose line over the main Berlin - Görlitz railway.


Small print

Our works train that we will use to reach our photo positions will have heated cars. At this time of the year (late October) it can get quite cold and rain is a distinct possibility. That’s why we will travel in a special train looking like a works train. The works train will also have catering facilities on board so (hot) drinks and snacks will always be available. Lunch is planned at a nearby inn.

The trip to and from Weißwasser is not included and you should arrange this yourself. If anyone has a long journey it is possible to come to Weißwasser on the day before. Hotel rooms are available. The hotel we have chosen near the railway line has nine single and nine double rooms. The rate per person for a double room is 25 Euro and for a single room 41 Euro. A shuttle service will be available for participants arriving at Weißwasser by train. Parking spaces are available at Weißwasser should you come by car.

Please book before: 10.09.2006

99 3312 "Diana"



Forest railway Muskau from 10 participants 254 Euro
21.10. - 22.10.2006 Single room supplement 16 Euro

Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 22

The price includes:

Not included are:

99 3317


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