Photographer's steam special in the Czech Republic

22 and 23 October 2005

This is not a FarRail event. FarRail terms and conditions are not valid for this tour. For inquiries and bookings please contact the team Lohr/Riedel.

Stefan Lohr
E.-Honstein-Str. 30
D-99817 Eisenach


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Following the successful event last Spring with 433.002 in the east Czech Republic, we have been asked by the participants to organise another steam special.

Although steam ended in the Czech Republic in 1979 there are still many lines which retain their original condition.

We have been able to find suitable routes in the area of Liberic. Consequently we would like to invite you to the north-west area of the country where the passenger train engine 475.179 (based at Usti nad Labem) and green Y-type carriages (high-roofed design built in Goerlitz, 1968-1984) are available.

Express passenger trains (Czech ‘R’ = Rychlik) have been part of the daily scene even on branch lines on the CD for decades. Express passenger service, consisting of two rail cars, still exists for large distance passenger trains on branch lines.

The special leaves Usti nad Labem on Saturday 22,10,05 and runs via Benesov, Ceska Lipa, Jablonne, Krizany (highest location) to Liberec. Following a run to Krizany and back, the train will spend the night in Liberic.

The return trip leaves Liberec on the Sunday morning for Srni by Ceska Lipa, from where it runs via Ustek, Ploskovice and Litomerice to Usti nad Labem.

The route offers numerous opportunities for high quality photographs and videos and you'll get good value for their money.

Registration and participation information

Participation fee: one day = 85,00 Euro, both days 160,00 Euro (Low earners and professionals please contact the organisers)


a) Crossed check to Stefan Lohr (address above)

b) Bakers draft to Henry Riedel, account number: 102651114, Sparda-Bank Berlin, bank code number 12096597. IBAN: DE36 12096597 0102651114 BIC:GENODEF1S10

Important: If transferring funds to bank account please notify of payment and mail address to or via Fax: +49-36733-23999 or mail to Stefan Lohr (address above). Also possible: write address in appropriate area on money transfer form.

Payment deadline: Sepetember 21st, 2005

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