Inner Mongolia: Sights and Sunflowers at the JiTong Railway

Private tour: China 7. - 16.08.2005

Endless vista - the passenger train near Baiqi, 31st August 2004

This tour is addressed to the demanding photographer and video filmmaker who is bored about ¾ shots close to the trackside In addition it is made for enthusiasts who want to widen their view and take a look to the most scenic spots of Inner Mongolia.

We will avoid nearly all the usual photo spots. Who likes to sleep in and take the first shot around 9 am is not should be advised against joining the trip. According to the freight timetables the places of stay will be flexible.

If the line Sanggendalai – Lanqi will see steam already, we may make a short trip to this site as well.


Date Itinerary
07.08. Departure from Europe to Beijing
08.08. Arrival Beijing in the morning, brief stop at a hotel for having a shower. Visit to the Great Wall at Mutianyü. This site is not crowed by masses of tourists and even more scenic than the well known Badaling. Afternoon continue to Gubeikou, where we can take a shot of diesel hauled trains together with the Great Wall. Overnight train 2559 to Chifeng, departure 21.19 hrs
09.08. 07.15 hrs arrival Chifeng, charter bus to Malin (ca. 20 km), one SY (1563 or 1565) should be active on the short line to the Malin coal mine. After the mine we'll take a shower in a hotel in Chifeng and continue to the lake Dalinuoer (ca. 320 km), one of the most scenic parts of Inner Mongolia. Sunset at lake Dalinuoer with Barbecue, overnight in a Mongolian Mengu Bao, a typical Mongolian roundhouse (no shower available!)
10.08. We'll experience a sunrise at lake Dalinuoer, i.e. before the crowds of tourists appear. After breakfast we'll continue to Reshui to say good bye to the famous Jingpeng Pass. After lunch we'll continue to the so called stone forest in Asihatu. Early evening continue to Daban (ca. 3 hours), hotel Daban
11.08. Daban - Chabuga, hotel Daban, Lindong or Chabuga
12.08. Daban - Chabuga, hotel Daban, Lindong or Chabuga
13.08. Daban - Chabuga, hotel Daban, Lindong or Chabuga
14.08. Daban - Chabuga, hotel Daban, Lindong or Chabuga
15.08. In the morning we'll take pictures in the section Yamenyiao - Daban, around 9.30 hrs we'll go to Chifeng, brief visit to the open cast mine in Pingzhuang in the afternoon, overnight train 2560, dep. 20.20 hrs to Beijing
16.08. 06.14 hrs arrival Beijing Bei, shower-stop at a hotel on the way to the airport, return flight to Europe, arrival in the same evening


General Remarks

The tour is planned with the dedicated photographer and video filmmaker in mind. The itinerary is designed for those who think it more important to get the perfect shot in the morning sun than a substantial breakfast. Lunch may be provided as packed food if the situation (i.e. taking pictures) requires.

We expect morning temperatures between (plus) eight and 15 degrees Centigrade. In Beijing afternoon temperatures can exceed plus 30 degrees. So you shouldn't forget a warm pullover.

The electricity of China is 220 Volts, 50 Hertz. The mobile phone standard is the European one, so you can use your European mobile without any restrictions.

Hotels, charter buses and trains represent the standard of our host countries, which may deviate form European expectations. The hotels used will be middle class, and in remote areas, sometimes basic (but always with shower and private bath room). While we will try to avoid long walks, some photo positions may require a bit of an extra effort, but it is worth it for the beautiful results.

Full board is included, but lunches will be sometimes simple, not to say "basic", while dinners are usually sumptuous. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price.

The train rides are booked soft sleeper (four berth compartments). As the reservation system of China is a typical quotation system where the beginning station of a train normally gets more than 50 % of the available tickets it is not guaranteed that we can get soft sleeper tickets. In such a case we'll take hard sleeper. These are not as hard as their name indicates. A hard sleeper compartment normally comprises six berths which are not separated from the rest of the car by a door. China is often not as clean as you may like it, so please be prepared. Carrying a bar of soap in your photo bag is not a bad idea.

Please consider, that hotels, busses, railways etc in China don't comply to EU-regulations. We are going there because they don't! It is more dangerous to use these local trains, busses, hotels etc. Accident protecting equipment is as unknown as environment protection, so please mind your steps, watch out before you cross tracks etc. We suggest you take out an overseas health insurance as well as an accident insurance.

before Chabuga

Registration period expires June 12th, 2005

Later registrations will be accepted if flights and hotels are still available. If you're not sure whether you can participate or not, please advise us of your interest well in advance so that we can hold your place.



Inner Mongolia: Sights and Sunflowers at the JiTong Railway 2 to 9 participants 1.870 Euro
07. - 16.08.2005 Single room surcharge 95 Euro

Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 9

The price includes:

Not included are:

Above prices are based on specific bookings with the respective airlines, which have to be confirmed well in advance. Your early booking is hence appreciated.


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