Winter steam on Saxony's narrow gauge railways

Narrow gauge steam in Saxony 10.2. – 18./19.2.2023

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

Saxony's narrow gauge railroads are an amazing site. But many short tours on offer are not so attractive for overseas railroad enthusiasts because even after the long journey for a few days by the lineside, they still have to take care of transport and accommodation. This trip will bundle together the great variety of Saxon narrow gauge railroads, their really amazing stock and stress free arrangements. A perfect combination! We will visit seven narrow-gauge railroads with gauges of 600 and 750 mm over nine days and experience five different types of locomotives.

Of course we hope for snow and sun. If it doesn't work out with the snow at all, there will be a travel voucher valid for two years which you can use for another trip!

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony






Arrival Berlin-Schönefeld airport by 15.00 hrs, from there by charter bus to Bad Muskau (about 2 hours). Taking night pictures in the loco shed of Weißwasser. Hotel in Weißwasser


On the forestry railway Muskau we've chartered a train with a "Heeresfeldbahn"-Locomotive, a so called "Brigadelok", probably 99 3317 (Borsig/Berlin 1918). The line is not used in winter hence the level crossings must be cleared by a team from the railway the day before we want to use the line. We've planned to run a typical freight train "for the paper mill in Köbeln" over the line Weißwasser – Kromlau – Halbendorfer Wechsel – Schwerer Berg and back. Shunting is planned with an authentic diesel loco. According to the weather conditions we might need to adjust our route over the line. In the afternoon we’ll continue by charter bus to Zittau (ca. 1:40 hrs), Hotel in Zittau


Visit to the narrow gauge line in Zittau. Morning: Charter train with 99 731 or sister loco (Hartmann or Schwartzkopff 1928/29 and 1933) and passenger coaches “Reichsbahnzug” Zittau – Oybin and back; Afternoon: Charter train with 99 731 or sister loco and standard gauge freight wagons on transporter wagons (“Rollwagen”) Zittau – Bertsdorf and back. We'll follow the freight train by a preserved bus from the 1970ies. Evening: some night photography in Zittau at the station. Hotel in Zittau


We'll stay another day in Zittau and will use a mixed train with GGw and OO freight wagons, two passenger coaches and a luggage van to cover the line from Zittau to Johnsdof and back to Bertsdorf. Here the 1938-built VT 173 322, a classic diesel railcar plus a passenger coach, will wait for us. We use it to go to Oybin and back to Bertsdorf. From Bertsdorf to Zittau we'll use our steam train again. Afternoon visit to the depot in Zittau. Late afternoon continue by charter bus to Dresden, hotel in Freital or Dresden (ca. 2 hrs).


Charter train on the after the devastating flood rebuilt line from Freital-Hainsberg to Kurort Kipsdorf with a 9973-79 and a mixed train and back.


On the so called "Lößnitzgrundbahn" from Radebeul Ost to Radeburg they have a classic train from the time before WWI. With this train we'll cover the full length of the line in the morning and return to Radebeul Ost. In the afternoon we'll charter a train form the Deutsche Reichsbahn era and go again from Radebeul Ost to Radeburg. In the evening we'll continue by charter bus to our Hotel in Annaberg-Buchholz.


Jöhstadt: charter train with IV K 99 1542 (Hartmann 1899) or similar and “Rollwagen”-Zug (standard gauge freight wagons on transporter wagons) plus one guards wagon from Jöhstadt to Steinbach and back. In the afternoon we'll have a passenger train with a IV K on the same line. Just in case there is too much snow we'll replace the passenger train tour by a snow plough event. In this case: linesiding by charter bus. The unique Saxon I K will be under overhaul in Jöhstadt. We'll arrange a shop tour that you can photograph this probably partly dismantled locomotive. Hotel in Annaberg-Buchholz


Charter train from Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal with a post war built VII K, 99 1772 or similar (LKM Babelsberg 1952 – 1957) and one OO (built in Görlitz 1919), three HHw freight wagons (built in Zwickau 1922 – 1926) plus luggage van; in addition we’ll let them run the regular passenger trains with their authentic “Deutsche Reichsbahn” set of passenger coaches. This train will cross us twice and guarantees some additional photo opportunities. Afternoon visit to the shop facilities, where they also do heavy overhauls. Afternoon we'll go by charter bus to Oschatz (ca. 2 hrs). Hotel in Oschatz


This line saw narrow gauge freight trains until 2001. At sunrise we'll start with our charter freight train from Mügeln to Oschatz (bunker first) and return from there (chimney first) via Mügeln to Kemmlitz with Saxon IV K and a typical mixed train from the 1970ies. At noon we'll change to a passenger train and run it on the short line from Mügeln to Glossen. Late afternoon by charter bus to Berlin (approx 3 hrs), arrival at the airport at around 19 hrs, evening return flight home. Optional: airport hotel in Schönefeld.


Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

Line description

There is a lot of literature and internet information about the Saxon narrow gauge railways and about the lines, rolling stock and also what is still serviceable.

We plan to use the following locomotives or railcars:


DR number

Wheel arrangement

Manufacturer and year


9951-60 = 99151-160

B'B' n4vt


Hartmann/Chemnitz 1891 – 1914, 1916 & 1921


9967-71 = 99167-171



Hartmann/Chemnitz 1923 – 1927

"VII K old"

9973-76 = 99173-176

1'E1' h2t


Hartmann/Chemnitz 1928/29 and BMAG/Wildau 1929 & 1933

"VII K new"

9977-79 = 99177-179

1'E1' h2t


LKM Babelsberg 1952 – 1957 (rebuilt 1991 - 1992)





Various manufacturers 1903 & 1905 – 1919.


137 322

B'2' C4vt


Busch/Bautzen 1938

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony


Small Print

Germany is an easy country to travel in, even under Covid 19 conditions. There was never the hard lockdown as in Italy or Spain, for example. The hotels are of a good middle class standard, the rolling stock works, the locomotives are steam tight, the personnel know their business and narrow gauge timetables can generally be relied on. Whether energy security is guaranteed in the winter of 2023 is currently unclear. Adventurous and unworldly papers are circulating about how Russian natural gas could be dispensed with as early as this winter. Ultimately, it may lead to the hotels having the gas tap turned off, leaving the heating as well as the kitchen cold. We think positively and assume that it will not come to that, but nothing can be ruled out at the moment.

Due to the EU sanctions against Russia, coal is now a scarce commodity, and the narrow-gauge railroads do not yet all know where they can get good coal from, since even Poland has drastically reduced deliveries abroad as a result of the sanctions against Russia. The good German Ruhr coal is also no longer available. As a result, the price of coal is also not yet fixed. It has already doubled in recent months, but no one can say whether this is the end of the increases. So there is definitely the possibility that an additional coal surcharge will be demanded before the trip, which will have to be added to the tour price. We do not expect this to happen, but it simply cannot be ruled out. However, this will hardly exceed 5% of the tour price.

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

There are enough operational locomotives available on all railroads to cover the planned trains with steam locomotives. However, there is only one loco of some types, for example of the VI K or the railcar in Zittau, therefore, no locomotive can be guaranteed. As far as the wagons are concerned, we will pay attention to authentic train compositions and will not use passenger coaches with the inscription "Lößnitzgrundbahn" etc. Some compromises cannot be avoided, for example the IV K used in Radebeul will look like a “Reko” (rebuilt) IV K, although kept in the Saxon colour scheme.

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

The tour is designed for photographers and videographers. We will therefore be guided by sunrise and sunset times rather than hotel breakfast times. It is recommended to have some snacks and drinks for in between. We’ll have dinner in the restaurants of our hotels. You can order it individually. The dinner is not included in the tour price. We will sometimes travel in cramped conditions, for example in a historic bus, so please do not bring really bulky photo equipment. We will organise some historical road vehicles to decorate the one or the other level crossing.

There will be scheduled traffic on almost all of the narrow-gauge railways that we visit. We will use this partially for our photographs, and have also ordered special stock compositions in some cases.

We expect temperatures in the range of minus 20 to plus 10 degrees. From sunny weather to rain, fog and blizzard all possible weather conditions can occur, especially in the mountains.

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

Snow, of course, cannot be guaranteed. However, since we will have some costs for snow removal (ruts on railroad crossings, clearing of crossing tracks in stations, clearing of turnouts, etc.), we can issue a 150-euro voucher for another trip valid for the next two years if there is no snow at all on the trip. The voucher is non-transferable and loses its validity even if no trips are or can be offered (e.g. due to force majeure, official orders due to a pandemic, political or war conflicts, etc.).

It is expressly pointed out the dangers that can arise from the use of vehicles and the stay near railways as well as the participation in road traffic. Visits to workshops and other operating sites are at the participant's own risk, as is participation in the journey in general. The instructions of the railway staff must be followed at all times. Jumping on and off a moving train is strictly prohibited. The conclusion of an accident insurance is recommended. Neither the visited railways, the participating bus companies nor FarRail Tours are liable for any kind of accidents, damages, losses, disadvantages resulting from delays, etc. Everyone is responsible for his own safe behaviour.

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony



Germany - Saxony
Winter Steam on Saxon Narrow Gauge railways 37 to 41 participants £2,920
11.02.2024 – 19.02.2024 Single room surcharge £475
Registration Deadline: 05.11.2023

The price includes:

Not included are:

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony

Narrow Gauge Steam in Saxony


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