Methods of Payment

As a service to our UK-based clients, FarRail Tours accepts and will continue to accept payments made out in Pounds Sterling until further notice. The prices given in British Pounds apply to residents of the UK only. However, please note that all prices quoted in Pounds Sterling are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice. This measure has been taken by FarRail Tours due to the unprecedented volatility in the international foreign exchange markets and its impact on the valuation of the Pound Sterling versus other major currencies. If you live in any country using the Euro, your billing currency will be the Euro.

A deposit of 250 British Pounds or 250 Euros is required with all bookings. This amount should be sent within 14 days of the booking being made, to one of the FarRail Tours accounts below. Please give your name and the booked tour as reference when paying money into one of these accounts. Alternatively you can pay cash on the tour. You need to announce you wish to settle the invoice in cash not later than 31 days before the tour.

A specific date for payment is given in the invoice. In general it is between 60 and 31 days before the tour starts. The final payment must be paid no later than 31 days before the tour starts.


A cancellation of any confirmed booking before the start of the tour is possible. The client must inform FRT in writing (email permitted), and the following cancellation fees become due.

Cancellation by the -

The Cancellation fee must be paid immediately.

Special methods and forms of payment are possible but need to be confirmed in written form.

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